Friday, April 21, 2017

This is all Nonsense

This week I mailed out the rest of my graduate school application. I also mailed my graduation announcements, booked an AirBnB, ordered my cap and gown and completed two big assignments for two of my classes. All I have left now is two more big projects and finals. In just short of one month I'll be graduating from the University of New Orleans, and in August I'll hopefully start to attend Texas Woman's University to earn my Master's of Library Science.
I'm in my last three weeks of my undergraduate and there is this pressure on my chest that is only getting heavier with each task that I complete. I still have so much to do, and I know that there is time to get it done, especially since I left my job at the day care, but I'm still filled with worry. And now, thanks to leaving that job, which was too stressful and too tiring, I also worry about not working. I hope that I find a new job soon. I have been applying to libraries, crossing my fingers that someone will see how hard I work and hire me, but I'm not expecting it. Next week, I'll probably go to a temp agency to see if they can find anything for me.
In the meantime I'll keep trying my best. I'll keep my chin up until I finished what I started by walking across that stage.

On the super rad side of things this new season of Doctor Who seems awesome and I'm crazy excited about it. Also, I ordered my dress for graduation and it's super pretty.

Here is a picture of Wilfred being a grump about wearing his harness.


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