Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This Weeks Reading List (2)

Alright folks, I'm gonna jump right in here. Last week was a little crazy for me. Not only did I change my major but I dropped most of my classes and switched them out with other ones. Now I have 3 online classes, two of which are psych, I'm not sure how this is gonna go down. I underestimated the amount of articles that would be required for me to read, so I have 4 books on my Children's Lit reading list for the week and 1 book for my YA Lit class.

Reading List!
Sugar (chapter book)
by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Inside-Out Grandma a Hanukkah Story (picture book)
by Joan Rothenberg

Private and Confidential A Story About Braille (picture book)
written by Marion Ripley illustrated by Colin Backhouse

The Scar (picture book)
written by Charlotte Moundlic illustrated by Olivier Tallec

My YA book for this week and next week is:
Jumpstart the World
by Catherine Ryan Hyde

With such a short list, I should be adding something in later for YA, but I just want to get though this week without crying myself to sleep every night. On Thursday I will post my reading response for Children's Literature and I'll post my assignment for Jumpstart the World by it's due date, September 14th.

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