Friday, March 1, 2013

Awesome Things

I am not looking forward to the coming weeks. Monday I found out something super rad. You see, I'm currently working for a company and recently I got moved from salary to hourly. Starting next week, I was suppose to be working only 3 days a week. Yeah, that kinda sucks but, Terrel and I were going to deal. But, Monday changed everything. The owner of the company was here, and told me that he could not justify paying me to be here 3 days a week when the store doesn't make that much money so, I would now be on an on-call basis. So basically I'm fired without actually having been fired because he is too chicken shit to actually do something. At least if I got fired I could collect unemployment but, nooooooo!

On the other hand, I'm starting school again in the summer. I will be majoring in American Sign Language, I hope to eventually work with children. My focus for now will, of course be finishing my education. I am trying to look on the bright side. Like, now I have the time to clean the house and get things ready so we can actually have company which, would be nice. And maybe, looking for a new job won't be so bad. Maybe I'll find something better. Probably not, but, maybe.

The worst thing is that now, I'll probably never get a pet bunny.


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