Friday, November 11, 2011

Mary Poppins Can Suck It

(Snapping instead of doing it yourself is totally cheating and.... It's not fair! I wanna be able to snap chores away.) I think this move may kill me before Terrel and I actually get there. To give an idea, this is what I look like right now:
I took it with my really shitty webcam. I will call this masterpiece: EH? 

As I brought coffee in from the kitchen just now, I realized that I have no idea how many times I have spilled coffee on my laptop. This is something that everyone should know about their computer. How many times have I spilled coffee on it? Zero. But, not me, no, that's not allowed. If a bet were made on what I have or have not spilled coffee on the only one I would know for sure would be my Scott Pilgrim comic books. Cause that shit's important. 

In any case, Terrel and I are moving to New Orleans... tomorrow. I know we'll get everything done today in time to go to the bar and say goodbye to our friends tonight and that when the movers come tomorrow everything will actually be fine. But, until then I'm going to be quietly freaking out my corner. 
Sony is putting us in corporate housing for the month to give us time to find a place. Which is kind of them. The place we're staying is all super fancy. I think I'm going to feel a bit of a bum there, honestly. It's something like two blocks off of Bourbon St & Canal. I can't wail until Saturday when everything is done and we can finally relax but, for these next two days I'll be drinking coffee and smoking way too much so as not to kill everyone with whom I come in contact. 

Alright, kiddo's that's enough stalling for now. I'll talk to you again from New Orleans comfortably sitting on my couch in my leopard print snuggie.


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