Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good Morning World!

Picture Unrelated. Maybe.

I've not been able to sleep at night lately. Usually when this happens I stay up until about nowish and sleep the day away. I can not do that today. There is far too much to do. Apartment hunting for Terrel and myself and the job hunt continues. I can't just be sleeping all day or sitting on my ass dicking around on the internet. I've got to be a responsible adult or whatever. At 9 in the morning though, there's nothing for me to do except drink my coffee, hope I don't fall asleep and watch this episode of 'Life on Mars' the US version. Maybe if I get the time today, however unlikely, I'll read a book, or maybe spend some time not on the internet. Maybe. First, I will make my 'to do' list for today and then I might actually do it. Well, at least the important bits.


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