Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lies We Tell Children

Terrel and I at the Fallen Tree Tunnel in Yosemite

As it has been a few months or so, I figured I'd post something. I went on my second trip to California this year a couple days ago. My boyfriend, Terrel, and I flew out to San Jose, Ca where we were picked up by my friend Felisha. It was a short flight of about 4 hours followed by a long drive of about 4 hours. Judging time is weird.

I love to fly. If I could, I would fly everywhere. It probably helps that I can sleep on planes. Felisha picked us up and we got back to town in good time. Auberry had just gotten a bar, which was fantastic. I had a few pints there and we spent the night at Felisha's house.

The rest of the trip was spent at my parents house. Dad shook Terrel's hand and asked him if he took good care of me. Terrel said, "Yes," and Dad replied with, "I'll put the bullets away then". Seriously this is how my father greets my boyfriend that he is meeting for the first time. Swell. We were there for another couple days. My folks made us sleep in seperate rooms.

All in all it was a good trip and I'm glad Terrel got to meet my family. My brother in law told Terrel that he liked meeting him, he is really good for me and that he hopes to see him again, but, that he understands if he doesn't. Yeah, my family's awesome like that.

So, anyway... we've been back for a while now. Terrel's started his new job with Sony and I've been looking for a new job. Hopefully something will turn up for me soon. Until then, I will be sitting at my desk filling out applications and watching netflix.

As for the lies we tell children, I'll give one:
The reason we have to take our shoes off at the airport is so that the employees can make sure no one has stinky shoes. As, people with stinky shoes are not allowed on airplanes or they must go barefoot.

That is all for today.
<3 Catherine

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