Friday, October 29, 2010

I've Got a New Haircut!

And you haven't! Or... maybe you have, who am I to know, really. At any rate if you haven't seen it, here's a photo.
What do you think?

Yeah, it is just a crap picture from my webcam but, it's nearly 2 in the morning, what more do you want from me?
If you are wondering why I haven't updated, the answer is simple. I'll even give you a hint: LAZINESS. See that, below? That is a picture of my bed. Doesn't it look comfy? Well, that's because it is.

And yes, I do have some pillows at the other end, sometimes I like sleeping upside down. Who asked you? Also yes, I do have a plush train above my bed. I like it there.

So yes, moving on. Onwards and upwards... (In normal conversation at this point I would be reminded of a play I did in college and would go off on some sort of tangent with no point but, no worries I won't do that here.) *ding* (Another reference to the play.)
I've been working a lot lately offering not much time to spend with friends though, I've been getting better at making time. I've also gotten better at making time to spend with Ophelia.
Isn't she adorable?

*I foresee this blog having quite a few more pictures.
**This is the point of the night where I thought it'd be a good idea for me to start drawing things.
I've been leaving her cage door open when I'm in the room but, she refuses to come out. I think she is afraid because once when I left my bedroom door open on of the cats pounced on the cage. Or, perhaps, she just likes it in there.
This is her cage.

For a while there since my last post anyway, it really only lasted a couple weeks... I did have a boyfriend! It didn't work, he was clingy, kind of an ass and I was inattentive... and kind of an ass but, that's a part of my charm, right? He's one of my bosses best friends, it probably wasn't a wise choice to begin with. *ding*
This is a bell.

It's nearly Halloween! Yay! I am really excited for my costume this year. It's mostly finished now. Here is a picture of part of the costume.

At that point in the night I thought it would be a grand idea for me to attempt to draw myself holding a sonic screwdriver.... As you can see... that did not turn out well, so here's a photo of my two most important costume pieces.

Okay, I'm done being silly for now. It is way past my bed time and I have to open the store in the morning. I would have already been in bed asleep but, noooo! I had to go and get distracted reading a book. Pfft. Books. Night!


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