Monday, June 28, 2010

Why I've Not Been Updating.

Yeah, I'm still unpacking...
I'm nearly finished though, and hey! I've got a dresser, bed, bookcase and a desk now!

Check out my wicked Scott Pilgrim poster.

But, hey... progress is progress. I've registered at Houston Community College and I already have 30 credits done from Phoenix so, I should be finished there in just this year depending on how my classes transfer over. I've still got to file my FAFSA but, once that goes through, I'll sign up for my classes which will start in the fall. I'm still looking for a job. I've got the money to get me through until my next revenue sharing check in August so, that's good. Means I can get by for a couple months. If I get enough funding for school, I may not get a job at all or just stick with something part time.

I went to my first Houston party last night. It was tons of fun but, I drank too much. Well, I drank too much on an empty stomach and woke up with a bitch of a hangover. It was a costume party and I went as The Penguin, thus the new profile picture on most of the sites I use.

Other than unpacking and getting to know my roommates friends, not much has really been going on. I've got a new project that I can't really talk about yet. I will when I have more information but, I'm hungry so that's where this post ends.


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