Saturday, January 2, 2010

Xmas, Family and Other Annoyances.

With the holiday season passing, I thought I would talk about what Christmas means in my family.This past week I got a mouthful of what I've grown to expect during the holiday season, note that I purposely spent Thanksgiving not only without my family but, 1,600 miles away from them. It was not only the quietest Thanksgiving I had ever been to, it was also the shortest. Putting Thanksgiving aside, lets go into how the past week or so have been for me. Shortly after I posted last my father tried to get me to go to night church with him and my mom. It is general knowledge that I am agnostic, or rather I thought it was. Apparently my dad didn't know. If he had known I'm sure I wouldn't have immediately gotten yelled at and told that I'm going to hell. Oh, I was also told that I hang around the wrong people. Yes, I made a decision my Junior year of High School because of the people I choose to be friends with now. That makes perfect sense. In short, I didn't go. The next day, my dad acted as if nothing had happened and I'm still his baby. Okayyyy.... sure.

I babysat my eldest sisters kids for 4 days straight while she worked and those nights I played Mary in the living nativity at my family's old church. I sort of got talked into it and by that I mean that I wanted to act. It was actually sort of fun. It was nice to see people I hadn't in nearly a year. Oh, and make jokes about immaculate conception.

Then Christmas came with my 7 nieces, 3 nephews, 3 sisters, 2 brother-in-laws, one brother, my mom, my dad and my weird uncle in tow. It was an experience, one which I'm glad I only have to deal with once or twice a year. The night was made to be extra annoying by some family drama that I won't write about here but, for once attention wasn't directed towards my agnosticism. Lovely. It was, however, filled with bible verses, prayers and a birthday cake for Jesus which my mom made me decorate. It's not that they're meaning to be rude or disrespectful... they just want what, in their opinion, is best for me. Once I got that down I actually became alright with it well, almost. Though I'm still hurt that my family wont respect my decision, saying that I'm not actually agnostic that I only think I am, it's only because they care. The thing that really upsets me is that one of my sisters told me that I'm only doing it for attention, she says the same thing about my pain though so, I can't be too surprised.

I went out with my brother Johnny, his non girlfriend Abril, my sister Lorna and her husband Gabe a few days ago for dinner. I had two Zombies with dinner, which were delicious. We laughed and ate and had fun together, which was new. Afterwards we went to a pool hall where I found a few nerds on the patio. I talked to them for a bit and may be joining a game of Serenity. Awesomeness and win! I went back inside and played a couple games and had my ass handed to me by my brother. I really need to practice.

New years was uneventful as ever... I spent a couple days beforehand with my friend Felisha and her kids. We went shopping and just hung out together. It was very nice. New Years itself was spent at my parents house. I went to bed early and woke up a bit before midnight. Said a couple Happy New Year's and went back to sleep. Such is my exciting life.


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