Saturday, December 5, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard

Picture via Fluke by Christopher Moore

Alright so here's the thing. My Dad's been getting sick off and on for the past year now. He's been getting after me to come back home (I've been living in Arizona for the past two years)so, when my lease went up at the end of November, I did. Well, after after spending two weeks in Texas.... Getting here was an adventure all it's own. My flight went from DFW to PHX and from there to SFO. I was to take the train from San Francisco to Fresno where my parents would pick me up and take me home. Now, my flight from DFW was fine... well except for the two dumbasses I sat next to on the plane. (and the fact that is was snowing and the jerk working at the gate) I actually had to explain comic books to the guys on the plane.... We arrive in Phoenix to board the plane on time. My hope for the day renewed, we begin our way down the tarmac... only to discover that traffic is backed up in San Francisco... our plane pulls back into the gate and we find out that our flight will not be leaving for another hour. At that point it was already a half hour late. So, we finally leave from Phoenix and arrive in San Francisco, from there I grabbed a cab to the Amtrak and took the train to Fresburg. When the train got in, I didn't know where to go to get my checked luggage. So, I tried getting into the train station but, it was closed. So, I got to run around until I found a lady driving a cart around with my luggage on it... about to lock it up. I got it from her and everything was fine. We stopped for supper and my parents took me home.

Now that I have that out of the way, I'll start posting my rantings about my family and whatever anecdotes I find entertaining starting tomorrow.


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