Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Miss. Halfway Loves the Snow.

So, it's halfway through the month of December and I think I know what my goal is.

I applied for a job at the tribal office for the admin. assistant position. As, I'm short on cash right now this job would be awesome to get. Not to mention paid benefits as well as paid vacation and sick time. My goal for this month is to ace the interview and bag the job. I need this so I can also go back to school next month otherwise I may be screwed.

I finally put a long term plan together for school. I'm going to finish my general ed, maybe get my library tech certificate from community college and apply to UC Berkeley as an Anthropology major with a focus on Native American studies. I'll have to do awesome in school for the next year to get above the required levels for entrance. Hopefully that, plus my letters from the Tribal Council and past teachers will be enough.

I don't mind being in the mountains in California so much today.
It snowed about 3 inches last night and though I am sick, I went out to admire it at midnight while it was still snowing. This morning I went out early and got a few pictures. Being in the desert for a year gave me a new found appreciation for snow.


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