Saturday, November 8, 2008

A self portrait....

In words....
Yes we all get that I am a horribly caustic cynic who does everything in her power to make her life seem harder than it is and generally just doesn't care about anyone except herself.

Also, my goals for November:
1. Don't fuck up my move to California
2. And for Christ's sake, do not give people any reason to think I'm the doormat I used to be.

A lot can change in a year. Or a few years.
Three years ago I was one of the nicest people you could meet. Terribly caustic but, only to myself.
Two years ago I grew an ego, this did not suit me as I had no reason to have one. (I also got acquainted with my good friend Vicodin (girl's gotta have her vices) Subsequently I moved back in with my parents for about a year.
One year ago I moved to Arizona. I learned a lot, grew up a little and met a new friend. His name is Reality. That cured me of a large part of my ego. Certainly not all of it however.
*goes afk for a new glass of champagne*
(remember those vices I was talking about in last year)
Today, due to extenuating circumstances e.g. my dad going to the hospital, I'm moving back to California with a new found *something* for life. Which is that I don't like it. Or rather I don't like most parts of it. I mostly see two choices: slacking off or working hard. Working hard got me fired last Friday (did I tell you about my week?) so, I'm going back to my job at the Tribal Office where I get great benefits, get paid little but, get to spend the majority of my time slacking off online. Meh. Ya live, ya learn. (Ya get a taste for Jack and Cokes as well as cigarettes. *shrug* Just sayin') As for the parts of life that I do like, that is largely due to the fact that I have amazing friends all of whom I'm leaving in Arizona as I go back to the state I could not wait to get out of. (seriously, I hate most of California save for San Francisco and Old Town Sacramento*specifically*) Family is family. I love my dad. Whatever.

So here's to a new month. *toasts*
I hope this one is better then the last which pretty much sucked ass except that I met one of my goals for October and almost met my second.


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