Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Book Two

Book 2/24 Reflection
This was a fast read. It shows a lot more of the Pretty world. Though, it was fun to read and there is more action in this book, it doesn't feel as if there is much substance. I suppose this could be intentional by the author, as the world of the Pretties lacks substance. I am excited to read the next book. I hope it offers a good conclusion.

My second semester of graduate school has started today. I think it's going to be a good semester. My classes seem to be interesting, but I am a little worried about the workload. One of my professors has already stated that she expects us to put in 9 hours minimum weekly into her class. I'm just not sure that I have the time for that.
I'm on vacation this week, and it's been going nicely. I'm already half-way through though, and I don't want to go back to work. I have a list of errands that need running this week and I really hope that I'm not over-extending myself. One of the big things I want to do is get unpacked from our move because I want my things to be sorted before I have to pack for Japan.

My move to Japan is a little over 8 weeks away now. It's creeping up and I'm getting nervous. My GoFundMe is 10% funded which is good! I know I can reach my goal, I just have to be strong and not give up. I've been keeping up with writing in my journal and updating my blog is made easier thanks to my reading goal including a reflection with each book I read. Making writing a priority is seriously helping me to get to know my feelings. I have to think about what I put to paper or keyboard. It makes my feelings real and helps me to give them the attention they need so I can hang onto them if they are good or move past them if they are bad.

I can feel myself getting more anxious as the time for my move gets closer, I've never gone so far by myself before. BUT! I have awesome friends who are there to support me when I'm feeling low and skype is a thing that exists, so I'll be fine. I know I can do this. I know I can be successful in this adventure. Maybe it's just the waiting that's making me feel so nervous. That, and the people I don't want to leave behind. It's good to miss people though, right?

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Book One

Book 1/24 Reflection
A thrilling beginning to the trilogy, "Uglies" provides background to a world while remaining entertaining. This YA novel falls in my bubble-gum category of reading. In this post-apocalyptic world beauty is most important. There is no money and no war in this world. Everything looks perfect. Everything except those between the ages of 12-16. They are the Uglies, all waiting impatiently for their 16th birthday, the day they become a Pretty. There is something terrifying under all this pretty. "Uglies" begins the store of one 16-year-old girl as she learns the true price of beauty and peace.

I really enjoyed this book, I read it quickly and I'm sure I'll read the next two quickly as well. I love my YA novels and even though the lesson in this is a little hammered-in, I still really like it. It allows for young readers to examine themselves and maybe help them to find their natural beauty, in their hearts and minds.

I'm off to a good start for my reading goal this year. I also have a gaming goal, but I don't have a number on it. It's just an overall goal of playing what I have before getting something new. I want to complete and move on though games I own.

I officially started my GoFundMe for my move to Japan in March. This too, is off to a good start. I'm at $290/$6500. Once I get to $1200 I'll be able to buy my plane ticket!!!! This is super exciting. I've switched my budget to be cash-based to help me get used to using cash for everything like they do in Japan and to put hard limits on all of my spending. It's really worked for January, so now I just need to keep it up. I cut my grocery bill almost in half by switching to cash only and I didn't really sacrifice anything except junk. One of my goals is to write more. I've been keeping up with my journal and I'm tracking my mood and activities with the help of a sort of diary app. I made a new friend in my Reddit Secret Santa and she is so cool. I'm having fun writing emails to her, new friendships are so... warm. I hope that we continue to write to each other.

I have a lot of hope for this year.

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