Sunday, March 11, 2018

Book Three

Book 3/24 Reflection
This collection of writing and art from Native American and First Nations women is a must read for everyone. This book was compiled with young Indigenous women in mind. I've never read a book that so resonated with me or with my experience. Being able to read about other women's experiences... it was an opportunity I never knew I needed. Though this book is short it's impact on my heart was HUGE! I will never forget this book and I will recommend it to everyone I can, especially Native women.

I'm just about half-way through my second semester of grad school now, and I've managed to keep my grades up! Though I have missed a couple of points here and there, I still have all A's and I feel pretty confident about the rest of the semester. I just have to get ahead on my school work this week because on Friday I leave for Japan and I'll probably not have much time available my first days there to focus on class assignments.

I had to update my degree plan for my MLS now that my career path has changed. I was originally planning to be a reference librarian, but now I'm going to be... something else. Video Game Librarian? I guess, that's the best thing to call it for now. I at least know that I want to work in a mix of video games and education my electives will now be:
Techniques, concepts, and principles and techniques associated with learning (X)HTML and CSS coding for user-friendly website development. Identifying, using, and evaluating Internet information resources. Learning the history of the Internet. Understanding current Internet issues and trends.
Methods and techniques of research applicable to problems in library and information studies.
Survey of literature and reference materials for children and young adults. Emphasis on reading interests, professional evaluation, educational uses, and readers' advisory.
Examination of folk literature of world cultures as a source of materials for storytelling; storytelling techniques including selection of materials, preparation, and presentation; planning story hours and other folk literature based programs.

I really like this new line of study and I think that no matter what I end up doing in my career, these are good courses that will help me down a number of paths.

My move is now only 5 days away. I'm still very scared but also excited and I'm super unsure about the whole thing, but I know that it is going to be rad as heck. I'm 28% towards my goal on GoFundMe, which is pretty darn cool as well. I have a loan to cover the amount not funded, so I am in the clear for my move, but any donations I receive will lower the amount that I'll have to pay back, so I still need help with that <3

Even though I haven't written in a while, writing is still a priority for me and I need to make sure that I'm keeping up with it. I guess this post is longer to maybe make up for that?

I gave up on finishing Specials by Scott Westerfeld, I just completely lost interest. The first two books were great, I just couldn't finish the third. It's okay to stop doing things though. It's okay to stop things that are a waste of time to you or that you find unfulfilling, so I'm practicing that.

Currently Reading: The Rice Mother - Rani Manicka, Words on Bathroom Walls - Julia Walton
Currently Playing: Stella Glow - 3DS, Stardew Valley - Switch, Persona 5 - PS4

Saturday, March 3, 2018

And They Ask Me

For those who may not know, I'm currently working on my Master's of Library Science. My focus is on Children's and Young Adult literature, but not a particular library type. For a while people have been asking me what I plan on doing with my MLS and I've usually answered, "I don't know. Something that helps kids, but not a school librarian, but probably not a public librarian either." The thing is, I know what I want to do, I just don't know where to do it. I want to help build the relationship between education and video games. I want to help teachers by giving them cool new teaching tools that help kids learn and retain more information through active engagement. I want to help video game developers to be seen as more than people who make games because they are more than that already. Some may not see it, but video games teach a lot: fine motor skills, puzzle solving, relationship building, consequences from choices and actions, and so much more. Video games help to build connections too! Public libraries are already starting to embrace the use of games in their Children's and Young Adult programming, but schools and some parents are behind, still only seeing some parts of video games, missing this big picture on the other side, missing the literature in the games.

I don't have a point to this post so much, I've just been thinking about this lately. I don't know what the job would be called, but maybe someone out there can help me figure it out.